POROSITE ™ Aims to develop a new ecological and sustainable construction system, based on a composite material as natural as possible, as well as its manufacturing process. To this end, the research focuses on the research and development of a Light Prefabricated Composite concept whose basic matrix is ​​lime, autoclaved, reinforced with flint particleboard and basalt fibers, which aims to obtain in a single material the advantages of high thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance and comfort, water vapor permeability, with the flexibility and tensile strength of more elastic materials.

The main objective of this new design is to obtain a material similar to concrete, lighter and more resistant than conventional cellular concrete , without losing the insulating properties of these, and with an exterior texture that can be Tailor-made, according to the desired finish, so that textures of jaspers and marbles can be obtained, with smooth finishes as a mirror or scraped and with the desired texture. This “outer skin” will provide the material with greater performance and will serve as a finishing layer for any facing (both inside and outside) of the building.

The solution is to modify the manufacturing processes of the composite, in its different stages, adding particles of recyclable materials and fibers to optimize the properties of the same, and allows to realize a complete building from the cements to the completion, from the structure To the enclosures and interior walls, including the ventilation ducts and the sanitation and evacuation, without need of other material, except of course of the installations and the glazing. By means of prestressing techniques it is also intended to obtain very light and slender products, thus obtaining a wide range of applications and uses.

Its development is planned in the following products: