SEGURID is a comprehensive safety and health project in the works, made with a reinforced composite, whose main objective is to make the works safe with light, versatile and easy to place materials.

The present project aims to address a modular safety system for the works, in kit, developed in two phases:

  • First phase: consists of a safety rail system that is comfortable to mount, reliable, resistant, with good anchorage to the support, and light weight.
  • Second phase: it would be possible to extend the development to the rest of fields and security articles.


  • Study and analysis by means of rapid prototyping of the necessary parts for the safety railing
  • Design and dimensioning of the prototype of the integral health and safety system
  • Construction of the prototype
  • Tests and tests of load of the system of security and integral health.
  • “Pilot” tests in a work.
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA)
  • Analysis of conclusions.
  • Results communication plan

The project is pending patent application