Our philosophy

Nature has given us a gift that we must know how to take advantage of: the capacity for abstraction. It allows us to think about things without having them in front of us. This facilitates the possibility of acquiring language, of solving problems, of designing strategies to carry out any action only with the imagination, among many other things.

This is the true vehicle with which we interact with the environment, and allows us to express not only ideas but also feelings and emotions. We believe that beyond Galileo’s phrase about the language of nature, we must consider abstraction as the instrument with which we can translate everything that nature teaches us.

To illustrate the many ways of using abstraction, we include this other phrase that gives a good clue:

“Music is pure abstraction. Each sentence contains many sensations, and shredding each one is impossible. Well, impossible not, but the interview would last from here until I go on tour”. PACO DE LUCÍA.INTERVIEW FOR EL PAIS, 9/01/04.

However, it is through mathematics that we can translate abstractions into formal language, which in turn allows us to demonstrate that if we start from a true assumption and take the appropriate steps, we come to a true (or false) conclusion. But we must be very sure that the starting point is true (or false), otherwise we can not assure that what is proved is also true (or false).


We observe how nature acts and we use the capacity of abstraction to transfer to our physical-mathematical models those “laws” that have always been there, waiting to be interpreted. But we must try to make our translation as reliable as possible, and in each generation we approach reality more and more through our abstractions.

According to neurobiologists, the main feature that distinguishes us from the rest of the species is the size of the neocortex, and they mention since Ramón y Cajal research that both the capacity for abstraction and the art of inventing are produced thanks to the intervention of these areas. To these advantages derived from the use of the neocortex we must add another one: the capacity to share, instead of competing. We believe that this should be the final essence and reason for our triumph in evolution, since that capacity can allow us to follow literally the laws of nature, self-regulation, sustainability, and balance, without harming other beings alive

But for this we must first have understood well how nature acts.

  1. If you do things in favor of nature, you have a 100% chance that you will do well (and you will have all your help). But if you go against or do not solve things like nature, then you play with chance, that is, you have a 50% chance that you will do well and 50% of you will go wrong.
  2. COROLLARY: Before competing, remember that it is more rewarding to collaborate and share.